Festival Idenitity

Internet Festival

2018 - The School

Hasselt, Belgium

The festival brand identity for  “The Internet Festival, Hasselt, Belgium”, organised by The School. The School curated and creates 24 hours of celebrating the most absurd invention of us humans: The Internet. It started Friday 10 November at 9am, The Internet Festival took over off- and online attention in the city of Hasselt, ended on Saturday 11 November at 9am. The city of Hasselt has nearly no research or usage of 'big data'.  The School goes on a hunt to find the data that serves/improves our city/urban life, but then also converting this into understandable or emotional products, as a first step. Understanding (parts of) the city and making connections with its fellow inhabitants was the first goal. The Internet Festival invited many designers from all over the world to collaborate on this challenge and to create other challenges.