Poster design


2017 - Personal Project

[Chapter 1]

The wind is gusting now and then.
It is blocking my sight.
By looking all around,
I keep seeking the way
to stop this crazy storm
or someone who would stop.
I feel the raging waters in my head.
All my waving scales stand up like
thorns of a rose or cactus.
I lock myself, and I get lost in a maze.
It's long and dark tunnel.

[Chapter 2]

I slowly draw few circles in my mind.
Every crazy feelings gather in each circle time by time.
I take a breath. I look inside of me.
Gently, I ask to my self.
“Where are all those circles come from...?”
I think causes and effects in the circles.
There are many things. But I see that always there is me.
I take another breath and lessons.

[Chapter 3]

swallow circles and get a ripe fruit.
I walk out from the door,
the door of soloution.
On my first step,
I feel the peace and new me.